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Monday, August 1, 2011

Article: New Research: Autism and Vaccines

I spied a new research abstract coming out in September about autism and thimerosal, a component in some childhood vaccines. See also FDA link in post for updated U.S. vaccine list.  Link to article on www.suite101.com by Melanie Hundley.

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BanMercury.com said...

The research coming out of Poland, Brazil, Egypt and by a few independent researchers in the USA such as Helen V. Ratajczak, PhD and the Geiers is going to eventually prove that mercury (Thimerasol)in vaccines is the major in causing the autism epidemic. Most USA researcher are cowed by what happened to Wakefield and the current unwarranted attack on Dr. Mark Geier. Bit the science is becoming overwhelming and will win the day. Bob Reeves rereeveslaw@gmail.com